Pineapple Crochet

Pineapple Crochet  Dress

Pattern for this Kid's Dress please click here

Pineapple crochet stitch is a descriptive name for a stitch that can create a pineapple shape. By combining three or more stitches you can make a "pineapple crochet".


These pineapple crochet stitches are popular stitch for a doily. But later on through the years, there are so many crochet enthusiasts that have created wearable clothes using pineapple crochet design.

Here are a few pointers I can suggest for all those interested in doing this particular stitch.

Remember To Count Every Stitch

As a crocheter, when using this kind of stitch, you have to count every stitch carefully.

It was 5 years ago when I learned this kind of crochet design. I love crocheting this pineapple design, but at the beginning I always lost the shape of the pineapple.

Well, I learned the hard way. 

Pineapple Crochet - Dress

I, sometimes unravel 4 rounds of my crocheted project by miscounting the foundation stitch of the pineapple. Eventually, I learned to count every stitch at the beginning of the row.

Pineapple crochet sizes can vary depending on the foundation stitch you use.

There are a lot of pineapple crochet patterns you can find on the net for free. Here in Girlie’sCrochet.Com, we will offer you projects and techniques on how to crochet a pineapple blouse, bolero, scarf, shawl, skirt, and any wearable’s you can envision that can be done in an easy and fun way. 

We offer you photo tutorials that even beginners can understand and crochet.

Remember that you always have to count, count, count... and count. Don't be afraid to try to crochet this, because when you see your finished pineapple crocheted project,

WOW! It is worth counting for.

Use Steam Iron To Block Your Project

Blocking is one of crochet finishing techniques you must do to your pineapple crocheted project.

Pineapple Crochet - Blouse

There are some ways how to block crochet project but in wearable’s, you can use a steam iron to block it. 

Using a steam iron for blocking can shape the pineapple design of your project. Be careful when using steam iron. Do not let the full weight of the steam iron lay on the surface. You will need to hold it a half an inch above the project and let the steam penetrate the thread or yarn.

After steaming, let it rest and dry for approximately 30 minutes. You will have to make sure the piece is completely dry.

Free Crochet Pattern using Pineapple Design

Please click here to share your project using this pattern.

Crocheted Project / Photo to the World.

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