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Ylah Baby Cocoon

Ylah Baby Cocoon pin

This is a free crochet pattern for Ylah Baby Cocoon in chevron design with photo tutorial in each step.

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Clover Heart Shawl

Clover Heart Shawl -pin

This Clover Heart Shawl (free crochet pattern) is light enough to keep in the purse for an impromptu dinner date after work and warm enough to keep you comfortable in a semi formal setting.

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Beginners Pen Pouch


This Beginners Pen Pouch is worked in round from bottom up. Pattern is made of dc and sc, an excellent pattern for beginners.

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Beautiful and easy

I was making an extra large, so I did 30 rows, and added 3 rows of half double crochet to the bottom. Rows went quickly, and it came out just beautifully.

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Crop top I made for granddaughter

light purple

I was trying to find something my granddaughter would wear and this one was it!

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Girlie Crop top

Girlie crop top

I made this for my granddaughter for Christmas. She says it fits perfectly and she really likes it!

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9 Amigurumi Characters

9-Amigurumi Characters

Here are 9 of my favorite Amigurumi Crochet Characters. Delightfully fun to play with, these make great keepsakes and will brighten up any space as decorative pieces as well.

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50ml Alcohol Spray Bottle Holder

50ml Alcohol Spray Bottle Holder fb

This is a free crochet pattern for 50ml Alcohol Spray Bottle Holder with video tutorial.

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Gina Dress

I’m just getting my dress done and I have some fail in that but I’m so glad for my new crochet dress and it’s my first big project ever ♥️🌹🥰😘💃🏻

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Floral Bandana

Floral Bandana

This is a free video tuotorial for floral Bandana

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Tnx so much for this free pattern! Made allready two of those beautyful Boleros <3 <3 <3

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Celeria Summer Top

Celeria Summer Top pin

This is a free crochet pattern for Celeria Summer Top, a pattern best suited for beginners with easy customization instructions.

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Bermudan Haze Crochet Crop Top

Bermudan Haze Crop Top Crochet

This is a free crochet pattern with video tutorial for Bermudan Haze Crochet Crop Top.

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Newborn / Preemie Baby Booties

Newborn Preemie Baby Booties

This is a free crochet pattern for Newborn / Preemie Baby Booties.

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Ube Strawberry Cookie Coin Purse

Ube Strawberry Cookie Coin Purse 17

This is a free crochet pattern for Ube Strawberry Cookie Coin Purse.

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Stay up to date on Girlies' Crochet . com for free crochet pattern and news related to crochet.

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