Fringy Glass Cover

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Design by Judy D. Cimafranca 


Here is a free crochet pattern, the Fringy Glass Cover, a really cool and groovy dringking glass top.

Skill Level:


Materials Needed:

Thread: Monaco Raylon  Shade MB-84  yellow gold (YG)

Hook: 2.75 mm crochet hook or size needed to obtain gauge


Row 1-3 = 1" in diameter

Pattern Notes:

Done  in  double strand

Fringy Glass Cover Instructions:

Round 1:  With YG (double strand),  in  a  ring,  CH 3 (count as 1st DC),  15 DC.  Pull center thread to close the ring,  weave end at the back of circle  to  secure,  join  with  sl st in 3rd  CH  of  beg  CH-3.  (16 DC)

Row  2:  CH 3,  1 DC  in  same  st,  2 DC  in  each  st  around,  join  with  sl st  in  3rd  CH  of  beg CH-3.  (32 DC)

Row  3:  CH 3, 1 DC  in  each  2  st,  2 DC  in next  st,  (1 DC  in  each  3 st,  2 DC  in  next  st) around,  join  with  sl st  in  3rd  CH of  beg  CH-3.  (40 DC)

Row 4:  CH 3,  1 DC  in  each  3 st,  2 DC  in  next  st, (1 DC  in  each  4 st,  2 DC  in  next  st) around,  join  with  sl st  in  3rd  CH of  beg  CH-3.  (48 DC)

Row  5:  CH 2,  1 HDC  in  each  4  st,  2  HDC  in  next  st, ( 1HDC  in  each  5  st,  2  HDC  in  next  st)  around,  join  with  sl st  in  2nd  CH of  beg  CH-2.  (56 DC)

Row  6:  (CH 4,  skip  1 st,  1  sc  in  back  loop  only  in  next  st) around,  ending with  CH  2,  1 DC  in  1st  CH  of  beg  CH-4. (28 CH sps)

Row 7:  ( CH 5, 1sc  into  CH  sp)  around,  ending  with  CH 3,  1 DC  in  1st  CH  of  beg  CH-5.  (28 CH  sps) 

Row 8:  Same  as  Row  7.  Fasten  off.  ( 28  CH  sps)


Cut  6  strands  each  5 inches long.  Holding  all  strands  together,  fold  strands  in   half,  fold  through,  pull ends  through  folds.  Pull to  tighten.

Fringe  in  each  CH  sps  around.

Happy Crocheting!

About the Designer:

May I introduce one of our contributing designers from Crochet Lover in the Philippines. Read about her below.

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Owner at Judy D. Cimafrance Designs.

Hello, I'm Judy aka Jurich. I've been crocheting for 35 yrs now. I have produced and received custom made orders from families, friends and walk-ins and mentored children and adult beginner especially just at home moms in groups and one on one. Currently crocheting alternative yarns like plastic shopping bags (plarn) and other trash materials to protect the environment.

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