Camel Stitch
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free camel stitch crochet pattern

This is a compilation of links of free camel stitch crochet pattern. 

I just learned camel st lately. Since then, I have been looking for a nice pattern for a hat or beanie using that stitch. Here are some of my newly discovered list if you are looking for a textured hat / beanie with a little twist of look-a-like knit… called Camel Stitch.

1. Rheema Popcorn Beanie

Here is my very own version beanie using camel stitch crochet. It has 3 sizes, for baby , kid and adult.

You may get the Rheema Popcorn Beanie pattern HERE.

2. Rustic Hat

Using super chunky yarn, this hat will definitely keep you warm with a cute pompom and this hat is customizable in any size as long as you know the head circumference and height you are wanting to achieve.

You may get the Free Rustic Hat pattern HERE.

 3. Jenny Hat

This is a pretty hat, the textures from the stitches are really coming together to create a beautifully textured hat. And there is an option for a messy bun hat pattern too.

You may get the Free Jenny Hat pattern HERE.

4. Bead Stitch Hat

This is a nice textured hat, it combines rounds of bead stitch with rounds of half double camel stitch and a post stitch ribbing. A faux fur pom pom on the top finishes the hat. And it matches the Bead Stitch Cowl pattern too.

You may get the Free Bead Stitch Crochet Hat pattern HERE.

5. Surface Braid

This is where I learned how to crochet the hdc camel st. She explains it very well in this post and how she accidentally found this incredible camel st. I watched her video too.

You may get the Free Surface Braid Hat pattern HERE.

6. Oatmeal Hat

This beanie is made with all hdc camel stitches.  The designer said that she was obsessed with the camel st. As you can see, there’s a lot of photos of her finished hat that she posted on her page.

You may get the Free Oatmeal Hat pattern HERE.

7.  3 ml Slouchy Beanie

The designer explains how to crochet the camel stitch and she has a photo tutorial on how to close the top of the hat. I learn something new every day, thanks to her, new techniques on how to close the hat.

You may get the Free 3 mL Slouchy Beanie pattern HERE.

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