6 Point Star

Free Crochet Pattern: 6 Point Star , Christmas Ornament with  photo tutorial in each step.

Here is a photo tutorial for a 6 Point Star, a free crochet pattern to add to your Christmas ornaments collection.

The dimensions of the star are as follows :  7" point to point, 4 1/2" inside.

I used worsted yarn in this project. 

Worsted yarn is faster to work with. You can starch to stiffen them.

I tried to use thread too, and here is what it looks like.

It turns out to be a Beautiful Snowflakes! 

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Hook: H-8  / 5.50MM

Yarn: Red Heart Super Saver, Medium Worsted Weight (Stash Yarn)


4"  - 12sc, 15 rows

Stitch Guide

Picot: Ch3, sl st in specified st, for photo tutorial please click here

6 Point Star Instructions

Round 1: Make an adjustable ring / Magic ring, Ch6 (consider as 1st dc and ch3 space), dc, *ch3, dc* in the lp, repeat *to*  4 times, end with ch1 dc in 3rd ch of beg ch7.

Round 2: Ch1, sc in the same st, 2dc-ch3-2dc on next dc, (sc in next 3ch  sp, 2dc-ch3-2dc on next dc) 5 times, end w/ sl st in 1st sc.

Round 3: Ch1, sc in the same st, ch3, sc-ch3-sc in next 3ch sp, ch3, (sc on  sc, ch3, sc-ch3-sc in next ch3 sp, ch3) 5 times. End w/ sl st in 1st sc.

Round 4: Ch1, sc in the same st, ch3, 3dc-picot-3dc in next 3ch sp, ch3, (sc on sc, ch3, 3dc-picot-3dc in next 3ch lp, ch3) 4 times, sc on sc, ch3, 3dc-ch16-3dc in next 3ch lp, ch3, sl st on 1st sc.

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