Rheema Swimsuit

Here is a crochet swimsuit that I made for my daughter on one of her swimming days. A free crochet pattern for Rheema Swimsuit.

On her way to the pool, we let her play her old scooter while wearing her cover up crochet purple dress that I made last year. Last year, when I crochet this crochet dress, it was a bit bigger than what I expected so she just wear it only now. 

My daughter was so excited I was able to create a new swimsuit for her in a short time. She wore it proudly and had so much fun swimming in it. 

This is a pattern I picked up online and was able to create this in two days. This pattern was an adult size crochet symbol pattern for a swimsuit which I modified for my own purpose.

For free crochet swimsuit pattern please click here.

To adjust the size of this crochet swimsuit, I used color red of cannon mercerized cotton thread #8 (you can substitute Aunt Lydia's #10) and stainless hook size 2.75MM. The size turns out - hips 9.5"  X length 15.5". Size fit to children, you can easily adjust through the neck string and bust string.

I removed the garter of her old bikini and sewed  it into the crochet swimsuit.

I asked Rheema if her crochet swimsuit is itchy or uncomfortable. She answered, yes, it is itchy in bust part only, but its gone when she was in the water . So I plan to put some fabric in its bust.... in the future.

On the other hand, she had FUN wearing her crochet swimsuit, she told me, she is sexy. I wonder what she means by "sexy". I just told her that you're still too young to think about this things, just be concerned about having fun.... 

A few days later, my husband discovered as he was on Facebook a photo of Jennifer Lopez, JLo, wearing the swimsuit with an identical design. 

Photo Credits: Playboy.com

For Jennifer Lopez's Dripping Wet Bikini Bod please click here.

How cool is that? Needless to say, my daughter was even more excited and started to bombard me with questions about who Jennifer Lopez was and why was she famous.

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Crocheted Project / Photo to the World.

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