Pearly Pop 94 Headband

Here is a submitted free crochet pattern, Pearly Pop 94 Headband, a headband with pearl accents. An easy and fun way to while away the day while creating something.

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Design by: Judy D. Cimafranca

Here is a pretty Pearly Pop 94 Headband, to make your own princess feel like a special princess when she wears it. Easy to crochet for yourself or as a gift. Perfect hair accessory for everyone!

Skill Level:


Finished Size:

One size fits most

Materials Needed:

Thread: Monaco mercerized, crochet cotton (175 meters per ball): small amount of white  Shade:  B1

(you may substitute this to Aunt Lydia's # 10 thread)

Hook: 2.5 mm [US B1]

Pearl: 6mm white pearl beads 18pcs

Headband: Headband form - width: 1"

Others: Tapestry needle and Scissor

Terms Used:

All terms are in USA terminology

CH: chain ;  DC: double crochet  ;  St: stitch  ;  Inc: increase   ; 

Beg: beginning   ;  POP: popcorn stitch  ;  Rep: repeat   ; 

Dec: decrease  ;  RS: right side of work.


Rows 1-8 = 4” (10 cm)

Use any size hook to obtain the gauge given.

Stitch Guide:

Popcorn  Stitch (POP): Work  5 DC  into same st,  CH 1, drop loop off  hook,  insert hook into first DC,   draw  through,  CH 1  to secure  the popcorn.


Loosen your tension when working with POP  to make  it  bigger.

CH 2 of beg rows, count as 1st DC.  Add  number  of  beg  CH  when  working  on  wide  headband frames.

Pearly Pop '94 Headband Instructions:

Row 1 (RS):  CH  10,  1 DC  in  3rd  CH  from  hook,  1 DC  in  each  8 CH  across,  CH 2,  turn.  (9 DC)

Row 2:  1 DC  in  each  DC,  CH 2,  turn.  (9 DC)

Row 3  to  Row 5:   Rep  Row 2,  turn.   (9 DC)

Row 6:  Inc   here.  1 DC  in  same  St,  1DC  in  each 7DC,  2 DC  in  last  DC,  CH  2,  turn.  (11 DC)

Row 7:  1 DC  in  each  DC,  CH 2,  turn.  (11 DC)

Row 8,  Row 9 &  Row 10:   Rep  Row 7, turn.   (11 DC)

Row 11:  1 DC in  each  3  DC,  1 POP,  1 DC in next DC,  1 POP,  1 DC  in  each  4 DC,  CH 2,  turn.   ( 9 DC,  2 POP)

Row 12:  Inc  here.  1 DC  in  same  St,  1  DC  in  each  next  9 DC (including top of  popcorn),  2  DC  in  last  DC,  CH  2,  turn.  (13 DC)

Row 13:  1  DC  in  each  4 DC,  1  POP,  1 DC in next  DC,  1 POP,  1 DC  in  each  5 DC,  CH 2,  turn.  (11 DC,  2  POP)

Row 14:  1 DC  in  each  DC and  POP across,  CH  2,  turn.   (13 DC)

Row 15:  Same  as  Row 13

Row 16:  Same  as  Row 14

Rep  process  until  Row 46,  CH  2,  turn.  (13 DC)

Row 47:  Dec here.  1  DC in  each  2 DC,  skip  1  DC,  1 DC  in  each  2 DC,  1 POP,  1 DC  in  next,  1 POP,  1  DC  in  each  2 DC,  skip  1 DC,  1  DC  in  each  2 DC,  CH 2,  turn.  (9 DC,  2 POP)

Row 48:  1  DC  in  each  11  DC,  CH  2,  turn.  (11 DC)

Row 49  to  Row 53:  Same  as  R48,  CH  2,  turn.  (11 DC)

Row 54:  1  DC  in  next  DC,  skip 1  DC,  1  DC  in  each  5  DC,  skip  1  DC,  1 DC  in  each  2 DC,  CH 2,  turn.  (9 DC)

Row 55  to  Row 58: 1 DC  in  each  9 DC.  (9 DC)…End. 

Leave  40”  long  for  sewing  the  back  and  the  pearls,  using photo  as  guide. 

Sew  1  bead  in  between  Rows  of  POP.

About the Designer:

May I introduce one of our contributing designers from Crochet Lover in the Philippines. Read about her below.

You might want to join our roster and if so, read on and join us. It's easy and it will be fun!

Owner at Judy D. Cimafrance Designs.

Hello, I'm Judy aka Jurich. I've been crocheting for 35 yrs now. I have produced and received custom made orders from families, friends and walk-ins and mentored children and adult beginner especially just at home moms in groups and one on one. Currently crocheting alternative yarns like plastic shopping bags (plarn) and other trash materials to protect the environment.

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