I'm Back!

Good day everyone. I hope that everyone is doing well despite the current pandemic that has gripped the entire planet. As bad as it sounds, this has become an opportunity for me to slow down and get re organized. I am working from home for the period of the Enhanced Community Quarantine and it certainly gives me a little bit of extra time. 

This has given me a chance to finally get back to my passion, the world of crochet. I apologize to everyone that got used to seeing me online everyday for the past 5 years and those that expected more. I have had to reorganize my priorities and get things in order. My expectations as far as income from the website fell short and my having to fund the website payment portal from the Philippines has caused some issues but they were workable and have been sorted out. 

I started conducting free beginners crochet workshops in collaboration with Crochet Lovers in the Philippines and some local government units but there was not enough funding. 

We partnered with some of the events and promotions companies that organized bazaars in various malls around Metro Manila offering free workshops in exchange for free bazaar slots in order for us to market some of the crochet products we were creating but the logistics was a nightmare.

All in all, the past 6-8 month has been a hectic period coupled with a roller coaster ride and a harrowing jugglers act with the finances. I was at an impasse and was trying to figure out how to sort things out when I received an offer of employment. My husband and I discussed the pros and the cons and after all the deliberations, I then decided to accept the offer to get back into the corporate work force just so we could have an income that would sustain us until I get my crochet world sorted out. 

I still have not decided how to manage all these but am slowly moving forward, one step at a time. Of course sorting out the priorities was primary of all tasks but will still rework this as the days go by. It is a monumental effort on my part and would not be able to do it without my husband helping out and having his support has been a big boost to my morale.

 “I couldn’t have done it without him.”

This is my shout out to some of my crochet friends/buddies who have helped out in different ways to get the site back up,

“I couldn’t have done it without you.”

More soon.


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