Crochet Bolero for 7yr old & 12-18mos Two-Toned,

by Kim C
(Whitmore Lake, MI ~ USA)

I cannot do diagrams. The rows blur together for me. It's not that I haven't tried.
Even when diagrams are 2 or more colors, I cannot pull the rows apart to tell what to do.
It's just impossible for how my eyes work.(believe me, I've been trying for 20 years or more)

Comes along, girlie crochet site. LOVE! Not only does she write it out in text, but she backs up harder parts with photo.
LOVE LOVE LOVE! She gives me hope I can still do pretty items.

Here are my 2 items of hers so far.

USA materials :

Size 7 yr old in dark purple = Size B hook (2.25mm) and size 5 crochet cotton thread by handicrafter
Size 12-18mos (I was hoping it'd stretch to size 1-3 years, but seems to small for that. ) Size 0 hook (1.75mm) and size 10 crochet cotton thread by aunt lydia (2-toned pink/purple)

Thank you so so so so much for all your lovely and free patterns you share with us all!

(Here is the free crochet pattern that Kim C successfully completed > https://www.girliescrochet.com/crochet-kids-bolero.html

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Apr 28, 2015
by: Loretta

Your work is beautiful! Sure wish i could crochbet like you. I am just trying to learn.Thank for sharing your beautiful work. Loretta

Apr 13, 2015
Thank you
by: Girlie

Thank you for the wonderful feedback, Kim. I am just so happy That I can simplify some things for everyone. I am so happy that I can share this with all my fellow crocheters. It gives me so much joy that I am able to pass along what I know about crochet. I am also grateful to SBI for having given me the opportunity to do this.

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