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My Crochet Journey 002:August 30, 2018

Free crochet workshop : Crochet Lovers in the Philippines

This is another event for Crochet Lovers in the Philippines where we start to roll out the community projects. Paying it forward to the community, an advocacy of girliescrochet.com, with the help of Crochet Lovers in the Philippines and friends will be gradually starting different projects and program geared towards free workshops and activities in communities around the Metro Manila area.

Another round of successful free crochet workshops held at Eastwood Mall with a total of 60 attendees.

Consisting mostly of young kids, mostly aged 10 year olds to mid-teens, some adults and seniors.

It has been a fruitful 2 weeks for Crochet Lovers in the Philippines having been able to conduct these free workshops.

Several new members have joined the group since the workshops with the member count now exceeding 1,000 and still climbing.

Crochet Lovers in the Philippines has embarked on a new project which was offered by a new member.

It is an outreach program for newborn babies of the Dr. Jose Fabella Memorial Hospital, the National Maternity Hospital and is a maternal and newborn tertiary hospital located in Santa Cruz, Manila.

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Volunteers from Crochet Lovers in the Philippines will aim to crochet 100 or more beanies and booties in an event Crochet Along Live for Project Beanies & Booties 4 Babies to be included in a Christmas loot bag together with baby essentials for newborn babies.

Crochet Lovers in the Philippines will hold a Crochet Along Live to kick off the project to be held at Costa Coffee, Eastwood  City Citywalk on September 9, 2018. Registration starts at 10 AM and starts at 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM.

Stay tuned for more updates on the Crochet Along Live Project Beanies & Booties 4 Babies.


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