Beginners Pen Pouch

This Beginners Pen Pouch is worked in round from bottom up.

Pattern is made of dc and sc, an excellent pattern for beginners.

Finished pen holder measurement is 6 inches without the handle


Skill Level: 


Materials Needed:

Hook: Hook size 6/0 3.50mm

Yarn: Gantsilyo Guru Milk Cotton mini (shade:Wisteria)

Terms Used:

All terms are in USA terminology:

Ch: Chain,  Sc: Single Crochet,  Dc: Double Crochet

Beginners Pen Pouch Instructions:

Round 1: Ch 8, dc in 4th ch from hook (consider ch 3 as 1st dc here and throughout the pattern), dc in each of next 3 ch, 3 dc in last ch, dc in each of next 3 ch, dc in next ch, sl st 1st dc to join. [12 dc]


Round 2-14: Ch 3 (consider as 1st dc), dc in each of next sts around, sl st in 1st dc to join. [12 dc]


Round 15: Ch 1, sc in the same st and in each of next sts around, sl st in 1st sc to join. [12 sc]


Handle Instructions:

Row 1: Ch 3, dc in next st.

Row 2-50: or your desired length of handle: Ch 3, turn, dc in next st, sk next 4 sts, attach handle in next 2 sts. Fasten Off.



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