A Necessary Evil

Hello to everyone. Let me apologize to everyone for not having posted any free crochet patterns the past few weeks. I know that everyone has been expecting a free pattern every Tuesday, hence the visits to my website.

I have been busy at my new job and have not had extra time to design and create some new patterns. It has been a hectic transitioning for me since I had to undergo training and orientation the past two months.

I am gradually settling in and hopefully will have more free time soon to design and create some more free crochet patterns.

I had to get a job to continue my website because of the drastic drop in adsense earnings from the website. It seems like ADBLOCKER and other similar software is doing what it is supposed to do, block the ads.

This is one of the reasons that revenue has gone down. But then again, it does not seem to filter the good ones from the bad ones. By this I mean that some sites are overdoing it whereas some are being responsible web citizens and limit and filter their ads.

I understand that ads can be annoying and some websites really overdo it and bombard their visitors with ads and pop-ups here and there to the point where you just don’t want to stay. I do not like that. 

However, I do understand the need for ads. I just don’t want them to interfere with my main purpose of going to or visiting a website. This is why I did not put too many ads on my site. I did not want to annoy my visitors.

Ads are necessary for the survival of some websites though and I can totally relate to that.

In reality, ads are a necessary evil. Why, you might ask, are they necessary?

It's an essential tool for our modern society.

In this capitalist world where there are a lot of companies constantly vying for your attention for you to buy their products, the competition can be stiff. The ones with the best attention grabbing ads will obviously stand out.

Most big companies will budget huge sums of money for advertising campaigns and most of them get huge returns on this investment.

On an average, companies will normally allocate anywhere from 3.5% up to 12.5% of their revenue to advertising and marketing campaigns. Digital marketing and advertising will be anywhere from 2% up to 4.5% of that 3.5% to 12.5%.

In closing, I just wanted to let everyone know that at the end of the day, it is still free crochet patterns and it is still all about sharing my passion for crochet with hopes that it might ignite and fuel another person to take up crochet and I have passed on to others what talents and blessings The Almighty One has bestowed upon me.

I will still continue to post free crochet patterns when time permits and keep sharing what I have about crochet.

If you like the site and would like to partner with me in spreading the wonderful world of crochet to the rest of the world, you are encouraged to please share this site.

But if you feel you want to do more and would like to be generous, I am more than happy to accommodate you.

Your contribution to maintaining this website will be graciously appreciated and acknowledged.

Thank you all for understanding and not giving up. Happy crocheting.

If you would like to support my work as a crochet designer, buy me a cup of coffee.

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