9 Crochet Baby Blankets

9 Crochet Baby Blanket

Here a list of 9 of my favorite Crochet Baby Blankets. To most it would seem really complicated but surprisingly most are easy enough for a beginner.

There are so many really good color combinations, appealing and enticing that make one want to snuggle up and cuddle with baby. It will make one want to relax in comfort wrapped up in great colors.

1.       Mini Galaxy of Change

Designer: Frank O’Randle

This pattern is so easy to follow. The name and design of this blanket is self-explanatory, it will make one feel like diving into a kaleidoscope galaxy.

You may get the free pattern in this LINK.

2.       Heirloom Baby Blanket

Designer: Alnar of Leleeknits.com

An intricate looking design and almost looks complicated. A project that could turn out beautifully.

Free pattern is available in her blog and she mentions that she sells the PDF copy of this blanket too.

You may get the free pattern in this LINK.

3.       Baby Bean Blanket

Designer: Megan Meyer

This looks and feels really soft and snuggly, it makes me want to wrap myself in it and take a nice nap. The color combination is soft to the eyes and is totally inviting.

You may get the free pattern in this LINK.


4.       Zig Zag Crochet Baby Blanket

Designer: Andrea 

A cool color combination that looks really soft and snuggly. A really nice design makes it look homey.

You may get the free pattern in this LINK.

5.       Polka Dot Puff Baby Blanket

Designer: Lauren of Daisy Cottage Designs Blog

The polka dot design of this blanket looks elegant. It almost looks like something you would wear rather wrap your baby with.

You may get the free pattern in this LINK.

6.       Beginner Crochet Baby Blanket

Designer: Jess of Make and Do Crew blog

The soft colors of this blanket will surely cause you to want to wrap up and snuggle with baby. It looks complicated but should be easy enough for the beginner.

You may get the free pattern in this LINK.

7.       Tooty Stripey Baby Blanket

Designer: Tina’s Allsorts

This design and color scheme will make you think back to the Flower Power era. You will almost feel like wearing a tie dye shirt to complement and blend in with the blanket.

You may get the free pattern in this LINK.

8.       Petal Stitch Baby Blanket

Designer: Tiffany of Daisy Farm Crafts

Another soft and appealing blanket. The color combination definitely works wonders and will put one in the mood for some snooze time.

You may get the free pattern in this LINK.

9.       Easy Weekend Baby Blanket

Designer: Amanda

Here is a good example where the color combination makes the grade. A feminine color theme that is appealing to the eye will make you want to snuggle up to it. 

You may get the free pattern in this LINK.

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