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Girlie's Crochet, Issue #008 -- Sugar Free Scarf
October 06, 2015

Today is Free Pattern Tuesday!

Issue #008

Sugar Free Scarf

Girlie's Crochet brings you the latest additions to our Free Crochet Pattern Index...

Sugar Free Scarf

This is our new pattern to be added today in our Free Crochet Pattern index.

Today’s feature is a wonderful pattern for all of us who are preparing gifts for this coming Christmas season.

I used the Square Motif 2 in this scarf. Before you have even finish the scarf, you will learn how to join crochet square in a clever way.

Hope you like this Sugar Free Scarf

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Crochet Dress - Rita Ora I was watching x-factor while crocheting when I noticed something. Is that a crochet dress Rita Ora is wearing?

Square Motif 2

Grace Headband

Lemon Headband

Girlie Headband

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